We need Feminism – Stand for Equality

Incidents in recent past have made us to reconsideration our progress collectively; most of the world is struggling for social development however one of the major concerns still remains is equality of gender. We at iCFDR, have decided to join the gender equality campaign and launched “We need Feminism – Stand for Equality” campaign. Our main target is to reach out to educate masses both urban and rural population especially to those who have gender biases.

With our online campaign, we ask our individual participants and organisations to send us their message on gender equality, written on Chart paper with heading “We need Feminism – Stand for Equality” and footer “I stand for Development and Rights”. Individuals can sign it with names (profession) if they want to and participating organisation can send us their logo, which we will add to the respective pics with ours. All pics can be mailed to suppportus@icfdr.org directly, send in our facebook inbox, or to you authorised spoc.

Alternatively if you enjoy writing, please send us messages on gender equality, such message may be used by others on their charts. You can even draw cartoons and send across. In the case you enjoy photography or are a professional photographer, it will be great association with the campaign.

We are looking for SPOCs, Brand Ambassadors, Contributors, Volunteers and Leaders who may like to join in achieving targets of the campaigns.

We gladly invite all organisation and NGOs to come forward to join us in the … Continue reading

iCFDR takes part in YPY 2014

iCFDR, chief Mentor, Ravindra Vikram Singh participated in Yuva Prerna Yatra 2014 from May 18 to 24, conducted by I for Nation Foundation, supported by Rural Call and Sahaj Foundation. It was inspiring to meet role model, interacting participants from diverse background and spending team with social entrepreneurs in YPY team – Manoj Sharma, Ritesh Garg, Ashish Arora, Divya Arora, Ramkrishna Sameriya and Anoop Rawat.

High points of the tour was meeting Mr and Mrs G. S. Swami running several projects in Purkal village, understanding work of Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC) and how locals in partnership with government converted damp yard to Dhanolti National Park. These learning and inspiration would certainly be useful in our projects and grassroots works.

iCFDR congratulates YPY team for magnificently conducting the event and wishes the participants all the success in their respective endeavours.

Donated furniture to Adopted School

iCFDR donate classroom furniture for 2-3 classrooms that more than 100 benches cum chairs for the school.  iCFDR invites others to come forward for improving the facilities in the school for rural kids.

We are also looking forward for contributors interested in taking this forward and helping us to generate resources to improve the condition of the school.  iCFDR’s intends to increase its effort for grassroots works , your support and cooperation is gladly appreciated.

We value our supporters who devote time and effort to make this world a better place and strive for the society. This is an ongoing campaign as education is our long time commitment; please feel free to connect and contribute and share responsibility with our social organisation.

iCFDR: Annual Sewa Day – 25th December

iCFDR declared its annual Sewa day on 25th December, as its holiday in most part of the world and maximum number of its supporters can take some time out on this day for various humanitarian activities and contribute their surrounding areas.

In first year 2013, iCFDR conducted few camps at its adopted Satyawati School. These events were organised by Vinay ji and Rajeev ji, and local ex-mla’s Avenesh Kumar Singh ji and Ram Sevak Patel ji were present there to facilitate students and encourage them.

We held eye check-up camp for local villagers in the vicinity and school children and distributed glasses for free. We also organised distribution of scholarship to the students excelling in studies.  After eye check-up, we distributed around 100 specs villagers and scholarship was given to around 15 students .We also had lunch for the gathering and small discussion by local leaders.

Developing iCFDR website and collaterals

July-August , 2013

After our incorporation, Saraubh, Satish and Ardendhu took upon themselves to develop the website. Ardendhu and Satish worked and finalised the online platforms for iCFDR with help from Meldon. For almost one month it used to be two shifts work in the day, after our office hours, we would work till midnight have online meetings, get into long debated and discussion. Every day was new learning, from technical to people issues.

In meanwhile Saurabh, Meldon and Gunjani worked on content and graphic posters. Deepak designing the conceptualised logo, however due to new job in Pune, had to transfer to Saruabh to complete the design. We could get coral draw, we learned gimp and worked on it. Weekend afternoon, we would sit in coffee shops finish the content for website; create marketing collaterals, while in night we would work on development. Meldon made one of first introductory videos, Saurabh arranged iCFDR participation in event to spend time with homeless kids and Gunjani organised our first campaign to collect books for building library for rural kids.

We value our supporters and volunteers who devote time and energies striving for a better society. NGOs efforts need constant support and we look forward for individuals with long time commitment to join our effort and organisation. Please feel free to connect us to join the humanitarian work, and share responsibility of our social organisation.

Supports Anna Hazare fight against corruption, to pass Jan Lokpal Bill

iCFDR declares to support to Anna Hazare fight against corruption and to pass Jan Lokpal Bill

iCFDR declares to support to Anna Hazare fight against corruption and to pass Jan Lokpal Bill. iCFDR, chief Mentor, Ravindra Vikram Singh met Anna Hazare before the his declared protest and indefinite fast from December 10, to pass the Jan Lok Pal bill in winter session of the parliament.

We discussed the current campaign which started in 2011 and constant struggle for the movement to keep its course and how corruption has cursed our country since its independence. It was a great pleasure to discuss the issues with Anna, man who has dedicated his life for the transparency and anti-corruption movement and is inspiration for the country. We also tried to persuade Anna ji to be on infinite fast, however just focus on the fast given his health and age.

iCFDR congratulates when the bill was pass in the parliament  on 18 December and glad that Anna is finally ending his fast after 9 days.

We look forward take his work and as inspiration in our work for transparency and against corruption.

iCFDR awarded Second runner-up prize at the eNGO Challenge

We are happy to communicate that iCFDR has been awarded the 2nd runner up prize at the eNGO challenge award in the Communication and Outreach category on  December 4th & 5th, 2013 at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

They recognized, Indian Centre for Development and Rights, campaigns focusing on long term projects and awareness in the areas of education, health, empowerment, environmental protection, human rights, and right to information. They also appreciated our ‘Build a library for rural kids’, which  invited people to come forward to donate books. Initially, the campaign was focused in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi.

The event was attended by our supporters Kanchan ji and Rishi ji, who also presented and received on our behalf. The Challenge seeks to recognise, salute and honour best NGO practices using ICT in any parts of the South Asian countries. The eNGO Challenge is a joint initiative of Public Interest Registry (PIR) and Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF).