Need for Social Work Organisations

Social work and social organisation, help government to achieve its goal of provide citizens basic development and rights over the resources and ensuring minimum necessities of life are well provided. While the basic methods of giving like food, money, clothing, health care to needy help them survive the existing struggles in their life however social organisation can also focus on bigger picture that is ensuring long term sustainability and leaks in government system are fixed.

Following are critical issues, which help us understand why good and efficient organisations are need in India:

  • The Rangarajan committee, which has retained consumption expenditure as the basis for determining poverty, has pegged the total number of poor in the country at 363 million or 29.6 per cent of the population against 269.8 million (21.9 per cent) by the Suresh Tendulkar committee, as per the presentation made by Rangarajan to planning minister Rao Inderjit Singh last week.  (Economic Times)
  • UNICEF, using 2005-2006 NFHS-3 sample survey results, has highlighted malnourishment in Indian children below the age of 5, with an estimated 7.4 million babies that were born in the sample year with low birth weights. (UNICEF)

o   The survey reported 17,656 women (39 percent), out of 45,325, were underweight at the time of delivery, 40 percent of urban children in 6-59 month category were shorter than world standards (stunted), and 33 percent were underweight than expected weight to their height per world standards (undernourished).

How did it all happan – Story of an NGO

Idea to start a social organisation which has now take shape of iCFDR, started in 2007 to work on rural development, empowerment of masses for understanding and enjoying equality, and bridging gap of rural urban divide in India.  The early idea took shape of various unorganised set under names like, People for wellbeing, bharat uday forum, Bharatiya revolutionary forum etc.

Finally in 2013 we got formally incorporated and recognised under name of Indian Centre for development and rights to work in field of education, empowerment, health and environment.

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