Easy classes

Easy class is an activity for young children in need of guidance and counselling, organised by iCFDR and associates of Bhartiya Yuva Netritva Forum(BYNF). BYNF associates conduct informal sessions for teaching, counselling and consultanting poor and needy ones. The objectives of these classes include academic development, life coaching, counselling, monitoring and regular engagement. Continue reading

iCFDR: Annual Sewa Day – 25th December

iCFDR declared its annual Sewa day on 25th December, as its holiday in most part of the world and maximum number of its supporters can take some time out on this day for various humanitarian activities and contribute their surrounding areas.

In first year 2013, iCFDR conducted few camps at its adopted Satyawati School. These events were organised by Vinay ji and Rajeev ji, and local ex-mla’s Avenesh Kumar Singh ji and Ram Sevak Patel ji were present there to facilitate students and encourage them.

We held eye check-up camp for local villagers in the vicinity and school children and distributed glasses for free. We also organised distribution of scholarship to the students excelling in studies.  After eye check-up, we distributed around 100 specs villagers and scholarship was given to around 15 students .We also had lunch for the gathering and small discussion by local leaders.

Help Build a Library for Rural Kids: Donate Books


We are running campaign to build a library for rural kids; we invite you to come forward donating books even help in logistics and material to place books in the empty library room. We are also looking for local coordinators and people who might be interested in taking it forward. Please contact

Build A Library for Rural Kids with iCFDR by Indian Centre for Development and Rights