iMalert: iCFDR’s Campaign to a local positive information portal

Initially, iCFDR had planed to launch health awareness campaign “iMalert” for general public, mostly rural public through health-related messages. This campaign in initial phase from 25th October, would target 5,000 mostly rural people directly, that is almost 5000 families indirectly and then in second phase we want to target 10,000 individuals. iMalert will make all efforts to maximise reach so that we can use technology especially cell phones to spread health awareness, as health awareness is one of the best ways to fight disease. We would have message covering various issues like hypertension, diabetes, importance of balance diet and a healthy and disease free lifestyle. We make the aware about infectious, communicable diseases and chronic conditions like HIV, AIDS, diabetes etc. We would focus on personal hygiene, cleanliness, prenatal care, birthing information, Sexual and Reproductive health, Maternal Health and female and child issues. We would also promote government schemes and plans regarding health.

However, iMalert has now taking following shape and getting gradually registered on its own:

iMalert is an information portal for Uttar Pradesh. The iMalert information portal would have positive and constructive information, primarily available via website, social media and application on your phone. It brings together useful information from diverse sources in a uniform way and allows people to access to improve their life. It has been developed in order to promote awareness and enhance access of useful data and knowledge by common man. It covers indigenous constructive news from local communities, government and other stakeholders of the … Continue reading

iCFDR launches Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

iCFDR has initiated to launch a campaign to connect youth of the nation – students, professionals and self-employed. The new forum, Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum – BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership Forum), aims to connect youth of India for their personal and professional growth and also contribute to society’s welfare and nation building. iCFDR would act as guiding organisation to establish the forum and its activities.
BYNF, as per vision of iCFDR Chief-Mentor, Ravindra Vikram Singh, would help in developing youth leadership, inspiring young individuals including students to gain skills and knowledge for career and nation building, leading life with civic cooperation for development, entrepreneurship and welfare of society. BYNF would ensure individuals to take part in social activities which help them to network, learn from each other and build friendships that will last a lifetime, at the same time contribute to society.
BYNF’s goal is to develop youth of the nation by giving them Academic, Career and Entrepreneurship Counselling, focusing on balance of work, leisure and contributing back to society and organising various social programs and social campaigns with iCFDR and time to time with other social organisation.

Its’ organisational structure would include, College Chapters, Professional Cells, location based Councils, and Mentors. Each team (Councils and Chapters) would have Conveners, Correspondent, Facilitator, Coordinators and Secretary apart from other members and volunteers. Each may also have Gender Equality Officer, preferably female member. Academic institutes Chapters may also have provision for Education Officers, for student with excellent academic … Continue reading