FAQ's About iCFDR

1) How did iCFDR get started?
iCFDR was legally formed in 2013, however the process started way back in 2007, when we felt there was a need for an organisation of individuals and professionals to work on overall development. An organisation opens up space for participants to work in their areas of interest. The people behind iCFDR believe each one of us can make a difference.

2) Where does iCFDR get its funding from?
To run its operation and projects iCFDR accepts monetary donations from individuals, companies, governments or organisations. We’re serious about effective utilised funds and we ensure each donor funds are in the area of their interest with checks and balances in place. We depend on the donations of our supporters to carry on our campaigns and projects.
We try to keep ourselves focussed on the tasks that our supporters have donated for. Please feel free to inquire how your contribution was utilised. Our accounts books are audited every year, so you can see exactly how much money we’re given and how it gets spent.

3) What kind of projects/campaigns does iCFDR do?
We are ready to take on any task within our objectives covering any of the operational areas like Education, Health Awareness, Empowerment & Rights, and Environment.
We execute in-house designed projects and campaigns, and are also open to collaborating with governments and various organisations on projects within our mentioned fields.

4) Does iCFDR work on government and international agencies programs?
Yes. We feel there is a permanent need for partnership between governments and civil society organizations for effective and efficient development and it’s a collective responsibility. We are open to partnership arrangements and project implementation, especially with international bodies, government and the social services organization as this may go a long way in the development and implementation of comprehensive social campaigns and projects.