FAQ's - Supporting iCFDR

1) How can I support iCFDR?
There are several ways in which you can help. Find out more about Volunteers, Donating, Events, and Programmes and even Designing your own project. You can also contact us, to find out if you can volunteer. You can also become a financial supporter if you are not already.

2) How can I volunteer for iCFDR?
Take a minute out, register with us at [email protected] (send us your details) and give details on your area of expertise, and how you would like to contribute.

3) I’m a student, can I also become part or volunteer?
We would be pleased to receive your application, please drop us an email at [email protected].

4) I’m a professional, how can I help?
We would be glad to have you onboard, for you can bring your expertise to help iCFDR achieve its objectives. Please drop us an email at [email protected]

4) How can my organisation help you through CSR?
The inception of iCFDR came from realization that corporate professionals are socially responsible and wish to give back to society. To know more click here