Areas of Focus

In order to achieve its mission, iCFDR has divided its activities into four umbrellas fields of social work operations – Education, Health, Environment and lastly, Empowerment & Rights.
We as a social organization execute projects, activities and campaigns encompassing these areas and look forward to collaborating with governments and various organisations for similar projects.

Details regarding the categories can be found below:

One of our major operational areas is promoting education in rural areas where resources are limited. A good education system lays a strong foundation for the future, thus aiding with the overall development of our youth, who play a key role in facilitating growth of our country and our future.
We at iCFDR believe in a holistic approach that is if we wish to address issues related with healthcare, poverty, unemployment or human rights, one must first start with the issue of Education. In order for all that to change we at iCFDR has provided aid to schools in rural areas by helping them with basic infrastructure for schools, equipping schools with good teachers, addition of libraries, computer labs, extracurricular activities (sports, music, sewing, arts), using alternative energy sources.
In order to strive for a better society we have to begin by changing these variables and creating a generation of youth that continues to take strides in the positive direction, this is the crux of our Easy Classes program. We at iCFDR have extensively worked with children living in slums and underprivileged areas. We have also supported habilitation of kids from disadvantaged places, including childrens of sex workers.

iCFDR promotes health awareness through campaigns as well as camps. We believe that immediate access to medical and health facilities and access shouldn’t be a privilege but a basic right for everyone.
iCFDR also plans to raise awareness on maternal and infant health, hygiene, prevention of non-communicable diseases and any other specific disability, such as blind children, cognitive disabilities etc. We plan to work hand in hand with local coordinators by organizing health camps for medical check ups, providing vaccinations, supplying nutrition supplements and delivering informal health care tips in schools and day care centers. We have been working for the rural and slum population and also with terminally ill kids.

At iCFDR, we uphold the fact that equality in all walks of life is one of the indispensable factors that leads to progressive development. In order to actualize that, we aim to spread awareness through research, lectures, workshops and seminars related to various human rights and legal rights. We look forward to organizing campaigns for raising legal awareness, to help the marginalized sections of the society to understand their rights and responsibilities better. We believe that the key components of basic human rights are equality of gender, female empowerment, child rights, labor rights, the welfare of children from vulnerable groups, community empowerment etc.
We are also working on governance issues and the use of Right to Information (RTI) to improve governance. We also provide free legal aid. Given the current state of affairs, we also want to focus on women’s safety issues and children who have been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, providing aid and support to women suffering from domestic violence and dowry.

iCFDR toils to preserve and improve the environment so that we and our future generations have the chance to experience the beauty of nature. We work for the protection of flora and fauna, spread awareness about global warming, deforestation, soil erosion, river ecology conservation, animal rights etc. We promote the use of alternative fuels, reusable materials and any such environmental friendly materials that are geared towards sustainable development. We also encourage recycling and proper disposal of hazardous products.
We are working toward the aim of promoting Environmental Awareness, for nature is Earth’s Heritage. The welfare of Earth is tied up with preservation and; community participation is essential. The air is scarcely breathable, freshwater bodies are choked, deforestation is abundant, animal habitats are disturbed on a daily basis, and forests are disappearing. Therefore, we work for the concept of Sustainable Development.
We regularly have done drives for pollution control, cleanliness drives, river cleanliness. We have also set up a solid waste management plant. iCFDR focuses on providing assistance, legal advice and aid for confronting environmental problems.

iCFDR team also have taken upon themselves whenever we are in position to raise funds in times of natural disaster, calamity or similar situation. We have worked for localized situations to major relief work for COVID19, across India with help and support of our network organization, partners  and associates