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Indian Centre for Development and Rights is primarily a volunteer based not-for-profit humanitarian organisation. iCFDR is always open for the right talent to join us and be part of our endeavour to bring development to the very core of our society. Our ngo will give you freedom enough to work at leisure, however, we seek a long term commitment. Since the operations of iCFDR are not only widespread but also cover a variety of areas, we offer a range of roles and responsibilities, suited to one’s talents and needs. Each of these roles has been provided below with a description of the nature of responsibilities. You can choose the role best suited for yourself and email your Resume (CV) to us with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) at [email protected]. Also read about our certification  and reward system below:

Level 1: (Learning, Implementing & Managing)

  • Intern: Taking responsibility for various short term social projects and campaigns, depending on skills and interest. The internship will be for a short period of time, 1-6 months. You can check the internship details at: NGO Intership for Social Work at iCFDR
  • Campaigners:  Campaigners will essentially be spearheading our various campaigns and events. They will be associated mainly with promotions on the social media and off-line promotions, raising awareness of issues and activities ngo is working on in India.
  • Coordinators: Helping us in the operations, setting up campaigns for us/other organizations associated with specific projects, training the new campaigners and apprising them of new events and updates. Coordinators must be well-verse with organization vision and updates.
  • Fund-raisers: Raising funds for the organisation so that various campaigns and events can be implemented and iCFDR can ensure all it social activities function smoothly and effectively. Click to read more for fund raising for NGO and social work in India
  • College Clubs: Students form all the premier academic institutes are invited to be part of iCFDR college clubs. These clubs not only act as nucleus of our activities but also a platform which brings together dedicated minds for various brain storming sessions. These clubs are the active base though which we look to implement our events, ideas and campaigns.

Level 2: (Internal Work – Content, Design & Resource)

  • Design/Development Incharge: Designing or creating NGO’s promotional banners, making videos, photography or various inputs for our website. Click here to read more to contribute for NGO and social work in India
  • Communication Incharge: Ensuring our presence on various platforms, maintaining PR and effective communication of our work. The main responsibility ensuring our work reaches out to wider world, various publications etc.
  • Content Incharge:  Preparing content, proof-reading, and articles for iCFDR. Preparing marketing collaterals and documentations. Read more to contribute for NGO and social work in India
  • Resource Incharge: To ensure we are able to raise enough volunteers and funds for smooth functioning of the events and programs of iCFDR. Click here to read more to contribute for NGO and social work in India
  • Feedback SPOC: The role will involve taking feedback of our volunteers, member, participants and general public and ensuring constructive criticism help us in improving our work.
  • Compliance Advisors: This role is for chartered accountants, company secretaries and Lawyers, to helps in our operations and documents on pro bono basis. These professionals may also support us in fund-raising and social work activities.

Level 3: (Leading & Managing)

  • Project Leads: Designing a new project of iCFDR and implementing. For details check: Design Your Project.
  • Project Team: Becoming part of our specific project team and ensuring resource generation for it.
  • Campaign Leads: Designing a new campaign or spearheading its implementing.
  • Campaign Team: Becoming part of our specific campaign team and ensuring resource generation for it.
  • Resource Leads: Taking lead as expert fund-raiser, ensuring swift implementation of activities or being excellent coordinator.
  • Human Rights Team: We are working on establishing this team to work on our key area of Human rights and empowerment.

Once we receive an email from you with you CV/resume and SOP (statement of purpose), confirming your intention to join us for a specified role, you would receive a Welcome email upon selection, confirming your role with us. iCFDR firmly believes in rewarding its volunteers and member alike for their dedicated services to the organisation.

Read More: Youth Leadership Program

Hence, we not only provide with certificates acknowledging their work but also have a various awards for different milestones achieved with us for dedicated work meeting target, which are:

Bronze Leadership Award: Given after one year of dedicated service towards the society by taking an active part in the activities organised by iCFDR.

Sliver Leadership Award: On completion of two years, and being involved with various new/running projects and taking up new roles and responsibilities.

Gold Leadership Award: After giving 3 years of selfless service towards the society and community building, we recognize our member’s efforts with this award.

All participating members and volunteers are also provided with experience certificates and souvenirs.

We not only place utmost value to actively seeking volunteers but also believe in providing them with all the support they need in appreciation for their time and services for the society. Our Volunteers help us in various tasks, activities, as well as projects and campaigns of the NGO. You  can support us in any way they would like, based on their strengths and skill sets by helping us to work for society.

For more information about social work in India or details on various options to participate in social work with an NGO – volunteeringfundraisinginternshipsdonating, operations and projects, please contact us.  If you are looking for specific an information in a particular social field – check our Areas of Focus section. In near future, we plan to adopt a school in rural India.  You may also like to read NGOs’ FAQs about social work or about partnering in your Corporate Social Responsibility.  You also can mail us on [email protected]

About iCFDR:

Indian Centre for Development and Rights is a non-profit operational and campaign humanitarian organization focusing on long term projects and awareness in the areas of – EducationHealthEmpowerment and Environment. We seek to strive for a better society through volunteer initiatives, events, campaigns, and collaborated projects.  Learn more at

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