Design Your Own Project

Keeping in mind the concern of individuals we have created a special process by which any supporter can design their own project. We will offer our services in your area of interest. However, please explain your reasons, expressing interest in the particular volunteer position, and discussing the ways in which your skills and experiences can benefit others.

Please use SWLP form to send us details including, reason for the project, area of operation, resources, contact details and timeline. iCFDR prides itself for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of the society and with every goal strives for a better and empowered society. In order to maintain the vision, it is important that we know your reasons for designing a project, as well as discussing the ways in which your skills and experiences will benefit others so we can successfully help you in executing your project.

If there is a program or a project that you plan to design in a memory of your loved one or want to make a dedication to someone, we would be more than pleased to support you in your efforts.

Please feel free to mail us to help us understand your needs for a project at [email protected].