July-August , 2013

After our incorporation, Saraubh, Satish and Ardendhu took upon themselves to develop the website. Ardendhu and Satish worked and finalised the online platforms for iCFDR with help from Meldon. For almost one month it used to be two shifts work in the day, after our office hours, we would work till midnight have online meetings, get into long debated and discussion. Every day was new learning, from technical to people issues.

In meanwhile Saurabh, Meldon and Gunjani worked on content and graphic posters. Deepak designing the conceptualised logo, however due to new job in Pune, had to transfer to Saruabh to complete the design. We could get coral draw, we learned gimp and worked on it. Weekend afternoon, we would sit in coffee shops finish the content for website; create marketing collaterals, while in night we would work on development. Meldon made one of first introductory videos, Saurabh arranged iCFDR participation in event to spend time with homeless kids and Gunjani organised our first campaign to collect books for building library for rural kids.

We value our supporters and volunteers who devote time and energies striving for a better society. NGOs efforts need constant support and we look forward for individuals with long time commitment to join our effort and organisation. Please feel free to connect us to join the humanitarian work, and share responsibility of our social organisation.