Your donation helps the organization to take-on challenges and implement projects and programs.  Can you make a financial contribution to contribute to change and strengthen the fight for a better society?  All donations made to Indian Centre for Development and Rights (iCFDR) will be exempted as per section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can donate to iCFDR for Rural Education, Female Empowerment, Youth Leadership Development, Monthly Social Work Events, Environment, Advocacy,  Health Awareness,  iCFDR Fund Raising Campaigns etc:

Make A Donation Using Account Transfer:

From Indian Bank A/s Holders Only:

Bank HDFC Bank
Name Indian Centre for Development and Rights
A/c No. 50200019293750
IFS Code  hdfc0000304
Branch Civil Lines, Bareilly
A/c Type Current Account

All donation will be acknowledged through receipts. reachus[@]icfdr[.]org

FCRA Account Details: (For Donations from Outside India)

Please e-mail @ reachus[@]icfdr[.]org your details, Name, address, email, contact number to help reach you provide you with bank details for the same, all donations need to be acknowledged through receipts.

You can also use the payment gateway to make a contribution:

You can also make A Donation Using Demand Draft/Cheque:

Cheque/demand draft to be made in favour of “Indian Centre for Development and Rights”, either sent to the our address or can be collected from you location by our nominated representative (Please call on 91-9058-922-955 to confirm the official person to collect the donation at your location or e-mail.

Donors to iCFDR can avail exemption under section 80G, therefore, all donations made to Indian Centre for Development and Rights will be exempted as per section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Thanks for patience and support.

For more information about social work in India or details on various options to participate in social work with an NGO – volunteeringfundraisinginternshipsdonating, operations and projects, please contact us.  If you are looking for specific an information in a particular social field – check our Areas of Focus section. In near future, we plan to adopt a school in rural India.  You may also like to read NGOs’ FAQs about social work or about partnering in your Corporate Social Responsibility.

About iCFDR:

Indian Centre for Development and Rights is a non-profit operational and campaign humanitarian organization focusing on long term projects and awareness in the areas of – EducationHealthEmpowerment and Environment. We seek to strive for a better society through volunteer initiatives, events, campaigns, and collaborated projects.

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