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The objective of “Ashraya” is child protection, to provide systematic education to economically deprived children and empowering women by skill development facilitating their livelihood.


Various cities across the nation especially metropolis face a difficult situation where many financially deprived kids living in slums are deprived of education where they either can’t afford a basic quality education or have to take a dropout because of financial pressure. Women coming from similar backgrounds do not have either employment opportunities or lack essential skills to earn a livelihood to support their family.


Indian Centre for Development and Rights comes up with the project ‘Ashraya’ emphasizing child protection, systematic education and women empowerment. This Project is to minimize the dropouts from schools, help them connect to mainstream education through creative learning, aiding their education by providing them scholarships and making education fun learn experience. Ashraya empowers women by skill training and livelihood generation making them self dependent and providing counselling.

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