Easy Classes

Easy Classes is our flagship project at iCFDR, aimed at mentoring children living in the slums of Delhi. Due to multiple reasons such as the lack of financial resources, lack of school or poor familial conditions, these children have limited or no access to education. As a result, many of these children are forced to give up their dreams. iCFDR brings learning to their doorsteps to ensure these children don’t lose their hope of a better future. The aim of these Classes is to positively impact the lives of these children by guiding them to think big creatively. The target areas for the Easy Classes are micro slums in Delhi. We work towards the holistic development of the children and not just rote learning so that they become successful upright human beings. Easy Classes develop an emotional connection with each child each one has its own story.

Amidst the COVID19 crisis, we extend the work for marginalized children, and now we have also started Online Easy Classes. In Online Easy Classes, we primarily assist students from weaker sections of society, for they need guidance and tuition to make good of their opportunity to be enrolled in school.

To find out more, please check out the website: http://easyclasses.icfdr.org/

Words from iCFDR family (Online Easy Classes)