Easy classes


Easy class is an activity for young children in need of guidance and counselling, organised by iCFDR and associates of Bhartiya Yuva Netritva Forum(BYNF). BYNF associates conduct informal sessions for teaching, counselling and consultanting poor and needy ones. The objectives of these classes include academic development, life coaching, counselling, monitoring and regular engagement.

It can be conducted in two formats, depending upon the time with associates and requirement of students i.e. there can be Weekly Easy Classes on any 3 Sundays of the month or Monthly Easy Class on any Sunday. These classes will be of at least one hour, of complete involvement with the kids. We have developed a process for implementing easy classes, one of our coordinators would help associates with it.

Easy classes are conducted for various reasons one of them being the poor families don’t have enough resources and their priority isn’t on guiding the kid through the impressionable age. Sometimes, even it is impossible for them to make their children go to school. We want them to think big and earn big, have well rounded personality, to have passion to break through vicious struggle for their livelihood, when they grow up.

With the help of these classes we will try to guide them in their life, we would not only try to impart academic knowledge but also try to solve their problems and strength to work hard. These easy classes will make those kids realize that they have huge potential and they are no less from other kids.


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