FAQs about Donation

1) What payment methods do you accept and transparency?

We accept draft, cash, cheque and net banking transfers, however currently we do not accept online payments.

To run its operation and projects iCFDR accepts monetary donations from individuals, companies, governments or organisations. We’re serious about effective utilised funds and we ensure each donor funds are in the area of their interest with checks and balances in place. We depend on the donations of our supporters to carry on our campaigns and projects. We try to keep ourselves focussed on the tasks (campaigns and programs) that its supporters have donated for. Please feel free to inquire how your contribution was utilised.

Our accounts books are audited every year, so you can see exactly how much money we’re given and how it gets spent.

2) Can I make a donation in honour of someone or in memory of someone?

Yes, iCFDR gratefully accept donations of any amount or kind made in honour or in memory or for a specific cause. You can also design your own project – for details please the page.

In case, you wish to make a gift in memory of a departed friend, family member or animal companion or even a place, please let us know. We would try to make sure the name of entity is acknowledged.

3) How much of my money will be go directly towards the program and how much will cover administrative and other non-program expenses costs?

iCFDR is extremely careful about concern of the donors; your contribution money would be used for the project of your intention. We like to reserve marginal portion of your donation for  other social work activities and iCFDR operations: our maximum limit is 9% for Sponsor a Child’s Education Program, rest 91% would go directly to kid’s education; for Direct Debit limit is 10% and rest 90% would go directly for social work of your intention and 15% for fundraisers, as we need to reward them too and as usual rest 85% goes to social work directly. We ensure 100% transparency. We can provide you details of the contact person to get the details of how your donation was spent. We also undergo an independent financial audit each year. Its non-profit organisation and we are transparent making sure efficient use of funds. Feel free to drop a mail at [email protected] for any query.

4) How can I get more involved with iCFDR’s work?

You are more than welcome to become active in operations and activities. Your involvement helps us with our vital work, you can join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date on our campaigns and get in touch with our coordinators. In case you do not find the right channel please feel free to drop a mail to chief-mentor [email protected]

If you still have an unanswered question, e-mail us [email protected] 



For more information about social work in India or details on various options to participate in social work with an NGO volunteering, fundraising, internships, donating, operations and projects, please contact us.  If you are looking for specific an information in a particular social field – check our Areas of Focus section. In near future, we plan to adopt a school in rural India.  You may also like to read NGOs’ FAQs about social work or about partnering in your Corporate Social Responsibility.  You also can mail us on [email protected]

About iCFDR:

Indian Centre for Development and Rights is a non-profit operational and campaign humanitarian organization focusing on long term projects and awareness in the areas of – Education, Health, Empowerment and Environment. We seek to strive for a better society through volunteer initiatives, events, campaigns, and collaborated projects.  Learn more at www.icfdr.org

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