iCFDR plans to launch health awareness campaign “iMalert” for mostly rural public, sending health-awarenss SMSes. This campaign in initial phase from 25th October, would target 5,000 mostly rural people directly, that is almost 5000 families indirectly and then in second phase we want to target 10,000 individuals.

The iMalert message would cover various issues like hypertension, diabetes, importance of balance diet and a healthy and disease free lifestyle.We would also make them aware about infectious, communicable diseases and chronic conditions like HIV, AIDS, diabetes etc. And focus on personal hygiene, cleanliness, prenatal care, birthing information, Sexual and Reproductive health, Maternal Health and female and child issues.

The target group would include rural and semi-urban population, patients, medical students, healthcare providers and educated masses. We would promote physical activity, target alcohol abuse and tobacco use, and unhealthy diet. This will help rural areas to raise awareness that they can learn to prevent, diagnose on time and manage the diseases. As sometimes lack of financial means is not the only challenge, but a lack of awareness and knowledge is.

iCFDR would try convincing people if they are diagnosed with condition like diabetes they must adhere to treatment, as most people do not adhere to treatment or lifestyle a factor attributed to poor health education. This may increase access to training, education and raise awareness on the issues of health so that they learn to better prevent, diagnose and manage the diseases.

We are in process of raising funds to implement the campaign. You can drop in your phone number to receive our alerts mentioning “iMalert” at any email id [email protected] or facebook https://www.facebook.com/ngoICFDR and we would be glad if you can help us financial to help us deliver the best. We would be glad if you can help us financial to help us deliver the best. Need urgent fund raising, even small contribution would go long way. Any donation to iCFDR also gets tax exemption under 80G.

Sample SMS in English and Hindi in roman script:

  1. Har roj kam se kam 10,000 kadam chale. (Walk at least 10000 steps every day).
  2. Khane se phele aur sauch ke baad haath sabun se avash dhoye (Wash your hands with soap and water after defecation and before having meals).
  3. Kane mein namak kam se kam prayog kare. Adhik namak khane se BP badhta hai. Chaar logo ke parivaar mein 500g namak 1 mahine mein khatam hona chhaiye. (Restrict your salt intake. High salt intake may increase your BP. In a family of 4, 500 gram salt should last 1 month).
  4. Dasth (Diarrhoea) mein baccho ka khana peena band na kare aur ORS ka ghol pilate rahein. (Do not stop feeding children during diarrhea. Give ORS in Diarrhoea).
  5. Baccho ko teeke jaroor lagwain. Ye baccho ko janlewa bemariyon se bachahe hain. (Get your children immunized regularly. These prevent deadly disease in children).
  6. 40 saal ki umar ke baad BP aur sugar (Diabetes) ki jaach karwain. (Get yourself examined and tested at and after the age of 40 years).
  7. Najar ki kamjori baccho ke vikas aur padhai ko nukshan karti hai. Yadi aapka bacche ka padhai mein man nahi lagta aur bahar acche se nahi khelta to uski nazar chek karwain. (Weak eye sight affects development and school performance of children. If your child has difficulty in concentrating on studies and does not play outdoor games, get his/ her eyesight tested).
  8. Lambe samay tak aur tej aawaj mein earphone istemaal ne karein. (Do not use ear phones for long and keep the volume low).
  9. TB teek ho sakta hai yadi 6 mahine ka course pura kiya jaye. (TB is curable if proper treatment is taken for 6 months)
  10. Khule mein sauch na jayein. Isse dasth, cholera aur pet mein kide hone ka khatra rehta hai. Latrine ka priyog karein. (Do not defecate in open. It may lead to diarrhea, cholera and worm infestation).