Initially, iCFDR had planed to launch health awareness campaign “iMalert” for general public, mostly rural public through health-related messages. This campaign in initial phase from 25th October, would target 5,000 mostly rural people directly, that is almost 5000 families indirectly and then in second phase we want to target 10,000 individuals. iMalert will make all efforts to maximise reach so that we can use technology especially cell phones to spread health awareness, as health awareness is one of the best ways to fight disease. We would have message covering various issues like hypertension, diabetes, importance of balance diet and a healthy and disease free lifestyle. We make the aware about infectious, communicable diseases and chronic conditions like HIV, AIDS, diabetes etc. We would focus on personal hygiene, cleanliness, prenatal care, birthing information, Sexual and Reproductive health, Maternal Health and female and child issues. We would also promote government schemes and plans regarding health.

However, iMalert has now taking following shape and getting gradually registered on its own:

iMalert is an information portal for Uttar Pradesh. The iMalert information portal would have positive and constructive information, primarily available via website, social media and application on your phone. It brings together useful information from diverse sources in a uniform way and allows people to access to improve their life. It has been developed in order to promote awareness and enhance access of useful data and knowledge by common man. It covers indigenous constructive news from local communities, government and other stakeholders of the state. iMalert allows you to have information about different segments at a one place like governance, administration, tourism, history, geography, cities, food, policy and schemes updates and news from social sector. It would also be a network of social organisations, as that would promote good work happening for the people of the state.
We believe that everyone in the society must have a look what is going on outside our houses. We want to make the people aware that how our state is changing and how we can contribute on day to day basis. We want to make your experience at our portal, informative, productive and satisfying. We invite writers, correspondents and contributors, and also your feedback and suggestions about the iMalert portal to help us serve you better. We are also inviting, active NGOs in the state to provide us with news of the good work they are doing.
All the news would be helpful for people of Uttar Pradesh. Brief explanations of topics is given below:
• Tourism:- this will include the tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh. Situated in the northern part of India, bordering with the capital of India New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular and an established tourist destination for the people. Uttar Pradesh contains large number of historical monuments and places of religious significance.

• History: – This part will cover complete history section. This will include history of various cities and famous places of Uttar Pradesh along with the history of various famous monuments of Uttar Pradesh.
• Geography:- geographically Uttar Pradesh is very diverse, with Himalayan foothills in the extreme north and the gangetic plain in the centre. The information about the Geographical features of U.P will be provided.
• Cities:- many beautiful cities are the part of Uttar Pradesh like Varanasi (Religious capital of Uttar Pradesh), Lucknow (capital of Uttar Pradesh), Faizabad( Hindu city and lord Ram birth place)etc. All beautiful cities of this state will be covered under this head.
• Administration: – this will include information of administrative divisions of Uttar Pradesh. Their contact numbers and essential data for common man in case of emergencies. Like, telephone numbers of police commissioner, special secretary, women’s helpline, and numbers of other officials of government etc.
• News from Network of Active NGOs: We would develop network of various operational NGO’s actively working in this state. We would publics news of social welfare work and positive change to the state.
• Sports: news regarding sports in the state would also be published. So that everyone can know that who all successful players are there, who are from Uttar Pradesh. And what all are the traditional sports of this state.
• Wildlife and nature: – wildlife centuries and national parks of Uttar Pradesh will be covered in this section. As this state has various famous national parks and wildlife centuries like dudhwa national park, pilibhit tiger reserve etc.
• Personalities: – information about all the famous personalities from the state will be published. So that people can have a look who are the people who have attained many achievements in life and made U.P feel proud of them.
We invite writers, correspondents and contributors, and also your feedback and suggestions about the iMalert portal to help us serve you better. We are also inviting, active NGOs in the state to provide us with news of the good work they are doing.