Meeting Labourers and Collecting Data

ICFDR’s volunteers reached out to construction sites across 3 areas of Delhi to connect directly with the labourers. They interacted with these workers. During these encounters, essential data such as the labourers’ names, phone numbers, and Aadhaar numbers were collected. This data collection process ensured that the information shared during the campaign could be used for the specific needs and circumstances of each individual.

Informing Labourers about their Rights

One of the primary objectives of the campaign was to educate labourers about their rights as workers. ICFDR volunteers provided detailed explanations and examples to ensure clarity. The workers were informed about their entitlements, including fair wages, safe working conditions, and protection against exploitation.

Government Welfare Schemes and Facilities

Labourers often remain unaware of the numerous government welfare schemes and facilities designed to support them. ICFDR volunteers launched a campaign and  informed the workers about these programs, emphasising the benefits available to them. From housing schemes to healthcare initiatives, the volunteers explained how labourers could access and take advantage of these government provisions. 

Distribution of Informative Brochures

ICFDR provided printed brochures containing detailed information about the rights of labourers, various government schemes, and available facilities. These brochures served as a handy reference guide, enabling the labourers to revisit and reinforce the knowledge they acquired during the campaign.