In 2022, Patna faced the wrath of devastating floods, displacing thousands of people and leaving them in dire need of assistance. ICFDR rose to the occasion, distributing food to support the flood-affected people. Their selfless efforts became a lifeline for those grappling with the aftermath of the disaster.

Rising to the Challenge

When the floods struck Patna in 2022, causing widespread devastation and displacing countless families, ICFDR swiftly mobilised its resources and volunteers to address the urgent need for food assistance. ICFDR worked tirelessly to provide food to those affected, ensuring that no one went hungry amidst the chaos and uncertainty.


 Food distribution is very important in these communities because it helps keep the residents healthy and well. On January 10th, 2023, a group of 8 volunteers from ICFDR went to Ektanagar Danilimda ward in Ahmedabad. volunteers distributed food plates to over 50 people who live in the slum. The food, which the volunteers gave was cooked in a clean and safe way, and they made sure it had all the good nutrients the residents needed.

Delivering Nourishment and Hope

ICFDR’s volunteers carried and distributed meals to the flood-affected people in Patna. They distributed the meal which was  not only fulfilling the hunger but also catered to the nutritional needs of the affected population. These efforts aimed to bring a sense of normalcy and hope during a time of great adversity

Setting up Distribution Centers

ICFDR efficiently set up distribution centres across the flood-affected areas of Patna. These centres started providing easily accessible food to those in need. The volunteers worked tirelessly, serving hot meals to flood survivors, including families, children, and the elderly, who were most vulnerable to the devastating effects of the disaster