The evening of May 22, 2016 filled happiness and triumph in the lives of the underprivileged ones. A ‘happy feet’ (slipper and flip flop distribution) campaign  was organised by the volunteers of Bhartiya Yuva Netritva Forum with Indian Center for Development and Rights, to distribute the sleepers/flip-flop to needy.

The event was leaded by a team of 15 volunteers who took an initiative to protect the feet of the ones in need and organised themselves into three teams to distribute a pair of hundred slippers covering  the three main areas of the city namely Hanuman Mandir, Junction and Anand Ashram.

 With the spirit of unity, the teams did a fabulous job and were successful in providing a pair of protection to the feet of the deprived ones. The organisation also got whole hearted support from the media as well. The team got a victory at spreading a message of empathy and care among the society. All over, the efforts of the team were worth appraising.

We would like to thank all the our associates, media, vounteers , donors and contributors from the core of our heart, as it was just because of the collective efforts of all of us that this programme was able to provide a hand of help to the ones who were in need of it. We hope to help the society in all the ways we can in the future as well.

Tushar, Abhisekh, Mehak, Ayush, Prabhakar, Payal, Bhaggu, Shikar, Ashish, Navendra, Yogesh with others, were present with Ravindra Vikram Singh at this event.