Youth Leadership Award – an award, for volunteers associated with iCFDR, BYNF or our network organizations who are continuously striving for a better society. Once candidates volunteered role at iCFDR is confirmed and are part of the Social Work Leadership Program, we firmly believe in rewarding these volunteers and members alike for their dedicated services to the organization. The BYNF Youth Leadership Program is a social and personality development program of iCFDR for youths. The workshop program involves of organizing a minimum of four social work events on annual basis. That is four hours for one event, each quarter, to enable participating associates to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience and earn certification. The program is open to all associate who is a volunteer or representative of BYNF. This program is designed to help associates to identify, reflect and improve their competencies (skills and behaviours) through personal counseling while helping the society around. It is an ideal program for self motivated, dynamic, socially conscious and non- political youths, as it is structured to help improve personally and professionally and contribute back to society. The Youth Forum enables enhancing multiple skills such as resource, time, team management and at the same time making you a better human being. All the associates stand a chance to earn yearly leadership awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once the membership as associate is confirmed with BYNF, and responsibilities and activities are taken up seriously, each associate is eligible for the following awards:

  • Bronze Leadership Award: Given after one year of dedicated service towards the society by taking an active part in the activities organized by iCFDR. Associate needs to execute a minimum of four social work events yearly. Fulfilling a minimum of four working hours per  event quarterly.
  • Silver Leadership Award: On completion of two years, and being involved with various activities/ projects and taking up new roles and responsibilities. The award is to recognize the leadership taken in organizing social work activities, team building and mentoring new associates. At this stage, we like to see associates growing personally and professionally in BYNF, taking a leadership role in the organization and working towards their next level of goals and vision.
  • Gold Leadership Award: After giving three years of selfless service towards the society and community building, we recognize our associate’s efforts with this award, rewarding their dedication and commitment.

We are looking for like-minded individuals. We love candidates with ability to lead, be calm in stressful situations, be adaptive to change, those who are willing to learn, contribute and share, and deliver the  results. Please fill in the following joining form, it should take around 5 minutes:

All participating members and volunteers are also provided with experience certificates and souvenirs. These are part of internal VIN awards.