Sponsor a Child’s Education is a program run by iCFDR with its supported school, Satyawati School, in rural Budaun District, UP. In India, where it is said that 9 out of 10 students don’t complete college, we are creating a platform to enable them to attain an education. Through this initiative we are inviting supporters who are willing to contribute towards the education of poor and underprivileged children in rural India being taught at our school. This program will allow you to share the financial responsibility and minimal necessities that a child requires but are not fortunate to have like their urban counterparts.

At iCFDR we believe that education can transform a child’s life which in turn can help transform the entire society. Your donation would help us in supporting a child’s education by donating a small amount per year which will go towards the child’s yearly tuition fee, books, clothing, other basic educational necessities that they could use towards their educational needs.

To maintain full disclosure and transparency about your donations we would like to mention that we will reserve 9% of your donation for other social work activities and iCFDR operations, and the rest of your funds which is 91% would go directly to child’s educational requirements of that child.

At this time we have two options of donating amounts available for you towards this program:

  1. We require a minimum of Rs. 5500 per year in order to sponsor a child’s full educational requirements for that given year. To ensure 100% transparency the breakdown of 5500/- per child per annum is as follows: Breakdown of 91% of your donation – Approximately Rs. 1200 of it would go towards their tuition, Rs. 800 towards their uniforms and clothing, Rs. 1500 towards stationery and school supplies, and rest of the money which is Rs. 1505/- would go towards – school bag, medical check up, tiffin, water bottle, reading light, table etc. depending on need of the child and Rs 250 per child yealy would go in form of cash or kind as token of gift for good work done by community mentor for the kids. Breakdown, 9% that is Rs. 495 is reserved by the organisation for operations, social projects and management cost.
  2. There is another option of partial donation which is Rs. 2500 per year.  Of the donation, Rs. 1200 would go towards a child’s tuition, Rs. 825 towards their uniforms and clothing and Rs 250 for Community mentor and 225 is reserved by the organisation for operations, social projects and management cost.

Through this program the Sponsor will choose a child of any gender, if no preference is voiced, we will choose on your behalf based on the demands. In return as an expression of our gratitude to you we will mention your name in our Annual Report unless you chose to be anonymous.

We will identity a person in the community whom we call them ‘community mentors’ who will enable us to be in constant touch with these children and their families. Each Community mentor will be responsible of seeking out 10 children from each village.

It requires a minimum contribution of Rs 5500/- per annum per child in rural India to ensure that all their educational needs are met. Once you donate to this program we will send you the details of the child and keep you updated (in the form of pictures and details) from the child to ensure transparency of the program.

From Indian Bank A/s Holders Only:

Bank State Bank of India (SBI) Bank Of Baroda (BOB) HDFC Bank
Name Indian Centre for Development and Rights Indian Centre for Development and Rights Indian Centre for Development and Rights
A/c No. 35952241886 35650100005366 50200019293750
IFS Code SBIN0000615 BARB0DATAGA  hdfc0000304
Branch Civil Lines, Bareilly Dataganj, Budaun Civil Lines, Bareilly
A/c Type Current Account Saving Account Current Account

Please  kindly email us your Transaction  No. and  contact details on [email protected] so we can identify who you are and send you all the details mentioned above regarding the child you have sponsored.

*All donations to iCFDR will get exemption under 80G for your personal tax saving, for which we will be happy to forward you a receipt (kindly send us your contact details for that).

please adopt a child to sponsor education of rural kid