Early in the lockdown, we heard news of stranded people across the nation. A community of 580 stranded garbage workers from Assam in Sector 21, Gurgaon, was identified by our friend Anirban Gongopadhyay.  We decided to help these stranded people home to their villages safely, traceably and in good health. Given this backdrop, some of good samaritans along with iCFDR, are organising these efforts to get these stranded garbage workers get home to their villages safely and in good health.

No Shramik specials have come their way so far. Even the aid that the Assam government had announced, of Rs 2000 per family hasn’t reached most families. While they have maintained great order in spite of the extremely straitened circumstances they live in, many of them are getting very anxious about their situation and are now desperate to go home. That number today stands at 250. This includes men, women, children and even a newborn infant. 

The purpose of this effort then is to ensure that these stranded people get home to their villages safely, traceable and in good health. For this purpose, we intend to get them safely transported from Gurgaon to the Delhi Railway Station, ensuring that they get onto the right train with a confirmed berth, and handing them a small cash amount to ensure that they can buy food to eat during the journey.

Estimated cost per family

The activity based breakup of the target is this:

Train tickets – INR 1500 X 250 = 375,000 (payment through bank transfer to ticketing agent upon bill submission) 

Cash Payments – INR 500 X 250 = 125,000 (cash payouts – beneficiary signatures and photographs)

Transport to station – INR 200 x 250 = 50,000 (They will need to be transported to the station in small batches) 

Total budget = 5,50,000 

Each aspect of this activity will be traced through captures of bills and beneficiary signatures and photographic documentation.

Movement of workers starting date: 

June 10th 2020

Target End date:

June 25th 2020

iCFDR is operationalizing and partnering in this effort.

We are running a fund-raising campaign, to enable 250 stranded migrants from Assam, who have had their livelihoods.  Click here for fundraiser.

About iCFDR:

Indian Centre for Development and Rights(iCFDR) is a registered social organisation( U85100DL2013NPL255888) committed to the betterment of those who are marginalised in our society. In the COVID crisis, iCFDR has been active in essential goods distribution to the poor in Delhi, Mumbai, Bareilly, Dehradun, Badaun, Salem, Itaganagar, Rampur and Lucknow. In non-COVID times, iCFDR runs ‘Easy Classes’ – a project to help kids from Delhi slums develop better life skills.