The Organising Team

Meet the Organising Team: the minds, hearts and hands behind the planning and execution of various social work events and activities taking place round the year and across India. We are a group of students, working professionals and other young individuals who have come together for iCFDR to put in our efforts to make it a better place and make social work a part of our lives. We are the driving force behind the monthly activities and weekly easy classes and all other events.

Communication Team

Himanshu Das

Fuhar Arya Choudhury

Evlyn Fernandes

Vatsal Sundar Ananthan

Kartikey Panchal

Omir Kumar

Social Media Team

Balaji Chettiar

Arjun Chandragiri

Ashish Kumar Singh

Kush Pandey

Parvii Verma

Youth Social Work Coordinators

Monica Raj

Shobhit Sharma

Ashiwin Raj


Bharat Hotwani

Relief and Humanitarian Aid Collaborators

Akash Tripathi

Mohd Mustafa

Saurabh Wagh

Hage Kobing

Navnendra Vikram

Strategy Team

Saman Khan

Aranya Sharma

Fabiha Nazki

Pallavi Goel

Technology Team

Ardendu Shekhar Singh

Athira V. Ajit

Jatin Aggarwal

Naman Gupta

Aman Gupta