The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the countries into a lockdown which has resulted into an upsurge in the cases of domestic violence around the world and India is no exception to this. Indian Center for Development and Rights, iCFDR, is undertaking a research report of domestic violence in India and also studying its rise in Lockdown period. A part of this report is conducting a nationwide survey with a view to gain insights regarding the increasing problem of domestic violence and abuse in marriages or civil partnership during the time of lockdown in the cosmopolitan cities of India. And thereafter prepare a well research report to provide policy recommendations and  suggest appropriate solutions to policy makers . It would also work on providing the vulnerable victims with appropriate solutions including counselling and where required legal aid.

‘Domestic Violence’ is an action or physical force used by a spouse in a domestic setting to gain or maintain control over another intimate partner. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, stalking and also cyberstalking come under the ambit of the concept of domestic violence. Acts of assault, threat, intimidation and humiliation are considered to be acts of violence. The victims of domestic violence and abuse have to deal with the mental health repercussions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual disorder, depression and substance abuse.

According to the data of the National Commission for Women, there has been a twofold rise in the cases of domestic abuse than what it was prior to the announcement of lockdown. NCW has released a WhatsApp number–7217735372, this emergency number is specifically for the complaints of women facing domestic violence.

The major factors that contribute to the sudden hike in the cases of domestic abuse and violence amid the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are the frustration caused by the physical confinement and the looming unemployment that is resulted due to the global economic crisis, reduced income and limited resources for survival.

We, at iCFDR, constantly strive for the welfare and betterment of the vulnerable sections of the society who are largely affected by the pandemic. iCFDR is  constantly undertaking dry ration and mask distribution drive across the country. iCFDR is also working on spreading awareness about the precautions to be taken for containment of the spread of COVID19. iCFDR endeavours to make sure that the weaker section does not have to deal with inhuman conditions caused due to the lockdown through our relief work.

In the same manner, the survey is in extension of our work to aid and support the victims by research and analysis the instance of domestic violence and prepare a India centric report and providing policy recommendations and counselling.

 Please click here to undertake the survey, it would hardly than 7 minutes. We will appreciate if you cane the survey with others.

Domestic Violence Victim Survey – India

Survey – Perception and Awareness of Domestic Violence :

We feel it is the duty of everyone to be vigilant and to spread awareness among the community in order to curb the intimate menace.