VIN Awards

Indian Center for Development and Rights (iCFDR) introduces “VIN awards” to honor persons who have dedicated their life for the excellent work in different fields. This  award acknowledges and honors individuals who exemplifies the best of the profession’s values and achievements through specific accomplishments in their practice of social work. The awardee must make demonstrable difference in areas such as advocacy, deforestation, democracy, development, education, entrepreneurship & livelihood, environment, food security, healthcare, human rights, peace and human security, sanitation, sustainable markets, water conservation, and etc.

iCFDR also promotes various art forms and social entrepreneurship. The awardee should also demonstrate characteristics of a visionary leader including openness, imagination, persistence, and conviction, having the qualities of an effective social entrepreneur, using their know-how and business savvy to make the world a better place and creating an immense social impact. VIN awards are conferred to acknowledge and celebrate social impact and reward those who have made a big difference in the society. These prize can also be awarded posthumously.

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