Incidents in recent past have made us to reconsideration our progress collectively; most of the world is struggling for social development however one of the major concerns still remains is equality of gender. We at iCFDR, have decided to join the gender equality campaign and launched “We need Feminism – Stand for Equality” campaign. Our main target is to reach out to educate masses both urban and rural population especially to those who have gender biases.

With our online campaign, we ask our individual participants and organisations to send us their message on gender equality, written on Chart paper with heading “We need Feminism – Stand for Equality” and footer “I stand for Development and Rights”. Individuals can sign it with names (profession) if they want to and participating organisation can send us their logo, which we will add to the respective pics with ours. All pics can be mailed to [email protected] directly, send in our facebook inbox, or to you authorised spoc.

Alternatively if you enjoy writing, please send us messages on gender equality, such message may be used by others on their charts. You can even draw cartoons and send across. In the case you enjoy photography or are a professional photographer, it will be great association with the campaign.

We are looking for SPOCs, Brand Ambassadors, Contributors, Volunteers and Leaders who may like to join in achieving targets of the campaigns.

We gladly invite all organisation and NGOs to come forward to join us in the campaign. iCFDR targets to collect 1000 messages on gender equality at least.

In case of any query, please feel free to write or contact your SPOC or e-mail us on [email protected].  Alternatively you can connect Ravindra at 0091-9058-922955

Lets work together to ensure gender equality message is clear – “We need Feminism – Stand for Equality”.