iCFDR is a non-profit social organization working towards the upliftment of marginalized and weaker sections of our society. iCFDR focuses on holistic development – thus we operate in the fields of Education, Health, Empowerment, Environment and Well-being. iCFDR advocates and works towards eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, promotes universal primary education, human rights, gender equality and empowerment, improving maternal health and reducing child mortality rates and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability and fostering a global alliance for development.

Ongoing Measures

Easy Classes

Easy Classes is our flagship project at iCFDR, aimed at mentoring children living in the slums of Delhi. Due to multiple reasons these children have limited or no access to education.

The VIN Awards

The VIN Awards are a set of prestigious honours conferred annually, to honor persons who have dedicated their life for the excellent work under various categories.

Social Work Leadership Programme

Social Work Leadership Program is an opportunity to take leadership with social work activities, we are looking for like-minded individuals who can contribute in making this world a better place and be change agents.

Our Blog

Support to Migrant Labour to reach Home

Early in the lockdown, we heard news of stranded people across the nation. The purpose of this effort then is to ensure that these stranded people get home to their villages safely, traceable and in good health. The purpose of...

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I am happy to acknowledge different programs launched by iCFDR to increase the awareness about "Standing for Equality" and Literacy among society. Many thanks and best wishes to all the endeavors of iCFDR

Satish Pandey