There are children who come from an underprivileged section of society, they can’t go to school and can access education. Due to this result, a blockage comes in their overall development of their life and as a result they go out from the mainstream of the society.


 ICFDR organised an event called “ANTYODAYA” in collaboration with “Anokhi Pehel”, MNNIT, Allahabad. Over 400 children from nearby schools and slums participated in this joyful event. It included a science exhibition, fun games, music, dance, debates, quizzes, puzzles, Vedic maths, and spelling competitions.  This event also facilitated the children to learn from various volunteers from MNNIT and also gave them good connections with MNNIT students, which will be useful in near future.


  Organising a competition event for school children supported their growth and learning. The event included exciting competitions to showcase talents and instil cultural values. Children learned teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for others. It fostered community and encouraged skill development while appreciating cultural heritage. This also gave the children exposure to a community which is academically sound and thus their confusions, doubts and questions were addressed.